Before and After

Before a dryer vent cleaning, your dryer is one of the biggest fire hazards in your home or commercial space. A dirty dryer vent can also create inefficiency that will increase your energy bill.

After a dryer vent cleaning, you will drastically reduce the risk of a fire, as well as improve the functionality of your dryer. It will take significantly less time to dry items and save money.

before and after

What Are The Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Breathe healthy air without allergies

Inefficient dryer vents can leak dust and dirt into the air in your home or commercial space. This can cause allergic reactions to any individual who becomes exposed to the particles released into the air.

Save money and energy

The longer you have to dry clothes, linens, etc., the more money it will cost you and the worse it is for the environment. A quality dryer vent cleaning will reduce dry times in both residential and commercial spaces.

Fire safety

Did you know that an estimated 15,000 dryer fires occur annually, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission? The good news is that you can significantly reduce your risk with a dryer vent cleaning.

Things to Know About Your Dryer System

Seal the Outside

Have you checked the seal to the dryer vent that leads to the exterior of your structure? Many inefficiencies and dirt buildup can be attributed to the exterior cleanliness and seal to the outside. If it is not kept clean and sealed properly, it will cause faster dirt and particle buildup inside your dryer vent.

Clean the Vent

A clean dryer duct is critical to save money and reduce fire risk. A quality service will focus on the entire vent from the dryer connection to inside the vent and the exterior. A top dryer vent cleaning company like Air Duct Cleaning Los Angeles will also use the appropriate cleaning techniques such as the negative pressure method, the brushing method, or a combo of both depending on the job.

How a Fire Starts

The combination of dryer duct issues and lint buildup create the perfect recipe for a dryer fire. It is important to note that dryers not directly connected to an outside wall can be more susceptible to fires due to the fact the air has a longer distance to travel to reach the outside.

Things You Can Do

Between professional cleanings, you can be proactive on your own to help improve your air quality and reduce your chances of a dryer fire. Be sure to clean out lint after each dryer use. Keep the lint waste away from the dryer. And, do not damage the dryer duct.

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